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Snoqualmie Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairYou have two friends who will never disappoint you – your garage door springs. Your garage door springs are the ultimate labor-saving devices: they do 95% of the heavy lifting of your garage door (the opener does the other 5%). Springs, in general, are the unsung heroes of modern civilization, and garage door springs in particular are amazing modern marvels. Snoqualmie Garage Door Springs has been installing and replacing garage door springs for decades, longer than anyone else in the area. We were extolling the virtues of garage door springs before they were trendy.

We’re kidding, of course. Garage door springs have never been trendy in any circles. But garage door springs are among the hardest-working devices you will ever own. The guys at Snoqualmie Garage Door Springs would like you to imagine the next 24 hours in a world without springs:

8 AM: You wake up grumpy from sleeping on a hard surface, but you can’t tell what time it is because timepieces need springs. You can’t have toast or Pop-Tarts for breakfast because there are no springs in your toaster.

9 AM: In order to get your garage door up, you’ll need help from several of your neighbors. The door weighs about 200 pounds, and without garage door springs -to help, the door is an impossibly heavy dead weight. Needles to say, your vehicle without suspension springs would be a pretty hard ride.

10 AM: Ouch! Your hard ride is exacerbated by urban speed bumps that are jarring to your suspension-less vehicle. Women will have to make do with their natural beauty, as spring-driven tweezers and hairclips are not available.

12 NOON – 5 PM: The rest of your day is a snooze, because without springs, there would be no pogo sticks, no trampolines, no ballpoint pens or Slinky toys. But worst of all…no jewelry, because most pieces of jewelry have clasps, and all clasps are spring activated.

7 PM: Upon arriving home, exhausted for your bumpy ride home and hard sleep, you now have to wrestle the garage door open. Lifting your garage door with a broken spring is back-breaking work.

Thankfully, Snoqualmie Garage Door Springs is here to save the day, and your back. A well-balanced garage door should go up and down smoothly and easily, even without a motor. Garage door springs do most of the lifting, whether it’s a manual or automatic door.

Snoqualmie Garage Door Springs can replace any garage door spring ever made. If your spring is impossible to find or out-of-production, the pros at Snoqualmie will fashion a converter that allows your garage door system to accept standard springs, a move that will save you much time and expensive down the road.

Don’t hesitate to call Snoqualmie Garage Door Springs at the first sign of trouble. If you use your garage door after one of the springs breaks, you’re likely to cause much more damage. Trust your garage door springs to the guys who do nothing but springs. We specialize in springs of all sorts – torsion springs, extension springs and heavy-duty springs.

You never know when your garage door spring will pop – no one does – but now you know who to call: Snoqualmie Garage Door Springs!

Snoqualmie Garage Door Springs

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